• The process of preparing interior visualizations, house visualizations, and apartment visualizations begins with constructing a detailed 3D model.

The interior model is created based on materials provided by the client and encompasses all essential project elements such as walls, structural components, freestanding furniture, and built-in fixtures.

• We utilize the previously crafted 3D interior model to identify the most appealing frames. All shots are consulted with our clients, and upon their final approval, they serve as the foundation for creating the interior visualizations. We present all shots in a mock-up form, without applying textures and materials, allowing us to focus particularly on proper frame composition.

• The next step after the ultimate acceptance of the shots involves crafting the initial version of the interior visualization or apartment visualization. This stage is pivotal for the final visualization delivery, as it is during this phase that we meticulously realize the project’s vision. We construct photorealistic materials that reflect all physical attributes of objects, including their colors and textures. We explore the most advantageous lighting options that build the ambiance of the interior visualization and create a captivating impression.

• Upon completion of the work on the initial version of the interior visualizations, we engage in consultations with the clients, determining all necessary changes and adjustments to achieve interior visualizations that meet all expectations.

• To ensure a stunning final effect of our work, our standard interior visualization package includes the provision for two rounds of revisions. This allows our clients the space for their creative input and the opportunity to incorporate all required amendments into the interior visualizations.