• We initiate the process of architectural visualization by constructing a detailed 3D model of the building or complex.

This model is developed based on materials provided by the client and includes all the details necessary for architectural assessment and potential adjustments.

• Using the previously crafted 3D model as a foundation, we identify suitable frames. Consultations with our clients aid us in selecting and choosing perspectives that will guide our further work on the 3D visualizations.

We present these shots without applying final materials. This mock-up format allows us to focus on composition, bypassing unnecessary details at this stage.

• Upon approval of the perspectives, we proceed to create the initial version of the building or complex visualization. This stage is the cornerstone of our creative process, where we construct the visual representation of the investment.

We fabricate realistic materials and textures, experimenting with different lighting scenarios that wield a massive influence on the emotional reception of our architectural visualizations. We breathe life into our visualizations by adding lifelike vegetation and constructing engaging scenes that captivate audiences.

Thanks to our substantial effort and commitment, we are able to present our clients with a result that fills us with pride.

• Following consultations with our clients, we determine the necessary changes and revisions to refine the 3D visualizations in every detail.

• To ensure a satisfying final outcome of our work, our base package includes two rounds of revisions. This approach allows for a comprehensive evaluation of all elements in our visualizations and the incorporation of all required changes.