Architectural Animations

A presentation through architectural animation holds the promise of taking marketing to an entirely new dimension. Unlike static images, the emotional impact conveyed through a meticulously crafted film frame is unparalleled. Dynamic camera maneuvers, paired with music that encapsulates the project’s ambiance, are certain to leave a profound impression on the audience. The utilization of architectural animation unquestionably distinguishes you from the competition.

We Bring Images to Life

At Outrun studio, we wholeheartedly embrace the challenge of creating photorealistic architectural animation. Our wealth of experience not only assists you in realizing your vision but also enables the creation of a truly unique masterpiece.
zabytkowy ceglany budynek mieszkalno-biurowy w zimowej scenerii

Architectural animation is an advanced presentation form that offers a multitude of benefits.


Spectacular Impact

The effect achievable through architectural animation is unparalleled when compared to any other form of visualization. A marketing campaign incorporating well-crafted architectural animation is guaranteed to capture the audience’s attention and prove exceptionally effective. Browsing through images in a printed brochure can never match the experience of viewing high-quality architectural animation.

Emotional effect

The cinematic effect, dynamic camera work, and a carefully selected musical score can establish an emotional connection with the showcased investment. With our expertise in choosing the right scenes, crafting an atmosphere through lighting, and maintaining a high level of detail, our architectural animations leave a profound impression.

Standing Out Amidst Competition

Architectural animation sets the benchmark for professionally organized investment presentations. A sales office showcasing a video highlighting the finest aspects of the development is undoubtedly more likely to leave a lasting impression on potential clients. Similarly, a website featuring architectural animation will stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Enhancing the Showcase of Advantages

Architectural animation, more effectively than static architectural visualization, allows for a comprehensive exploration of the standout features of the presented investment. Through animation, you can effortlessly focus the viewer’s attention on specific elements and introduce them to your offering.
Ujęcie na rampę w biurowcu Maersk Tower w Kopenchadze
Architectural Animation can comprehensively showcase the entire investment. It’s worth considering the inclusion of scenes that depict the proposed interiors to provide the most detailed representation of the entire project.

wizualizacja fragmentu elewacji w wieżowcu biurowym

Should you confine yourself solely to architectural animation?

While architectural animation offers numerous advantages and can significantly elevate investment presentations, a comprehensive advertising campaign should not limit itself exclusively to architectural animation. A substantial portion of marketing materials is presented in print, requiring the use of static visualizations. Our services extend to encompass the rendering of housing estates, house visualizations, and interior visualizations. Furthermore, panoramic 360° visualizations and virtual tours deserve special consideration, as they can bring substantial enhancements to websites.
wizualizacja wieżowca w Kopenhadze, budynek biurowy Maersk Tower

Architectural animation stands out as the most compelling form of presentation.

Photorealistic architectural animation presents an exceptional and captivating means to display a project. Through cinematic presentations, featuring immersive lighting and dynamic camera movements, it has the power to evoke emotions and pique interest in the investment. The integration of architectural animation into an advertising campaign not only fosters the creation of a polished image for the project but also broadens the potential client base, reaching a wider audience.


• We commence the work on architectural animation by meticulously preparing a 3D model of the designed concept. The construction of the 3D model is based on the collection of materials provided by the client. The model encompasses all the details necessary for evaluation, enabling the implementation of required revisions and alterations.

• The constructed 3D model is employed to identify suitable frames that showcase the projected structure in the most captivating manner. Internally selected frames are presented in the form of 3 to 5-second sequences, outlining camera movements. At this stage, materials are presented without texturing, serving as a visual sketch. This approach directs focus towards frame composition and camera motion.

• The chosen sequences are developed as the skeletal structure for the final architectural animation. During this phase, the animation’s ultimate length, quantity, and duration of individual sequences are determined. This step also involves selecting appropriate music to match the rhythm of the architectural animation.

• Upon the final approval of the sequence framework, camera movements, and music, we proceed to craft the initial version of the architectural animation. This is a pivotal phase where we create the film’s atmosphere and visual aspects. We generate realistic materials and textures, experimenting with various lighting setups that significantly impact the final perception of our architectural animations. This stage demands considerable effort and dedication, but it’s instrumental in offering high-quality animations.

• Through collaboration with our clients, we pinpoint all necessary changes and refinements to craft polished architectural animations that fulfill all requirements.

The process of creating an architectural animation is intricate and time-intensive. Due to its technical complexity and the need to maintain high visual quality, it is undoubtedly the most demanding aspect of our operations.

• The schedule for tasks related to architectural animation creation is determined individually based on materials provided by the client.

• The minimum time required for crafting an architectural animation of a residential complex is at least 30 business days.

• The architectural animation is created in FULLHD resolution (1920×1080). This is a widely used standard for video materials, ensuring optimal quality for display on both large screens and smartphone displays.

• Upon request, the architectural animation can be produced in a higher resolution, such as QHD (2560×1440). This level of quality enables even more precise depiction of details and an overall enhanced visual experience.

• The increase in the resolution of creating the architectural animation will affect the final cost estimation and the time required for completion.

• Prior to commencing the creation of an architectural animation, it is necessary for us to receive a complete set of materials required to initiate the work.

• Collaboration with architectural firms and developers often involves utilizing pre-built 3D models of designed structures. Formats compatible with our workflow include .fbx or .obj.

• If a pre-existing 3D model is unavailable, we are capable of constructing one based on flat drawings in formats like .dwg or .pdf. Properly constructing a 3D model for architectural animation necessitates drawings for all elevations, floor plans of each level, and a site plan.

• Before initiating work, we should also receive all essential information concerning façade materials, such as window frame colors, plaster types, sheet metal treatments, and the type and color of roofing material.

• The landscape design is another crucial element that enables us to accurately depict the final project vision.

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Outrun’s visualizations transport more than just the geometry and appearance of a building within an urban context. Our office places a high value on the atmosphere and poetic quality of these illustrations, which ultimately contribute to the broad acceptance of our projects by both investors and de
Adam Szablowski
AS Architekten
Outstanding partnership. Outrun Studio consistently delivers excellent photorealistic visualizations, demonstrating a strong sense of composition and a profound grasp of the project’s objectives. The visual materials produced by Outrun Studio consistently maintain the highest quality standards.
Justyna Biłat
Design Anatomy
Our collaboration is consistently successful. The visualizations of residential projects developed for Develia’s real estate investments are distinguished by their original style and demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency.
Maciej Gurgul
While visualizing our investments, we promise clients credibility by meticulously attending to details. Projects with Outrun-studio align perfectly with our vision and capture the essence of our investments.
Norbert Miętki
Invest Komfort
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