Product Visualizations

Product visualizations present a contemporary alternative to conventional photography. By harnessing advanced rendering techniques in product promotion, they provide the artistic freedom to envision and craft scenes. Furthermore, product visualizations facilitate a concurrent reduction in marketing expenses.
Wizualizacja drewnianej ławki na tle dużego okna wychodzącego na zieloną łąkę, ujęcie wykonane z góry z dużymi miedzianymi lampami widocznymi na pierwszym planie

We redefine the landscape of marketing

Our expertise in crafting photorealistic product and furniture visualizations is poised to elevate the caliber of your advertising to unprecedented heights.

Photorealistic product and furniture visualizations constitute an indispensable component of any comprehensive marketing strategy, offering a plethora of advantages:


Enhanced Product Comprehension

Photorealistic product visualizations meticulously craft intricate illustrations of your offerings. This enables your audience to develop a profound understanding of the product, accentuating its functionality and underscoring its exceptional craftsmanship. This heightened comprehension results in more informed purchasing decisions, subsequently curtailing the incidence of returns.

Elevated Customer Engagement

High-quality product visualizations captivate and sustain the interest of website visitors. Presenting products in a realistic and aesthetically appealing manner prolongs users’ stay on your website, ultimately heightening the likelihood of securing a sale.

Economical Advantages

Photorealistic product visualization obviates the necessity for costly physical prototypes, thus conserving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be allocated to their physical production. These visualizations efficaciously supplant conventional photography, renowned for its exorbitant expenses stemming from studio rentals, engagement of professional photographers, and the conduction of numerous photoshoots to capture diverse product variations.

Competitive Distinction

The utilization of photorealistic product visualizations can distinguish your brand from competitors, particularly those still reliant on conventional photographic methods. This distinction conveys a sense of innovation and a steadfast commitment to uncompromised quality.
Wizualizacja detalu w kuchni, widok na deskę do krojenia
Product visualizations facilitate a presentation that is both realistic and meticulously detailed for your offerings.
wizualizacja dekoracji na stoliku kawowym, wazon z zieloną rośliną

Product visualization isn’t limited to static images.

While photorealistic product and furniture visualizations reign as the most prevalent form of marketing illustration, in an era where seizing the attention of prospective customers is paramount, it becomes imperative to distinguish oneself by delving into less conventional avenues. Within our portfolio, we proudly offer alternatives such as 360° panoramic visualizations and interactive creations crafted through the Unreal Engine.


• Creating photorealistic product visualizations is demanding due to the need to blend technical skills with artistic creativity. Despite the time-intensive nature of producing such visualizations, our experience allows us to fulfill orders even within tight deadlines.

• Crafting a simple visualization of a single product typically takes about 2 working days.

• The time required for generating extensive sets of visualizations that illustrate an entire product line (for example, a furniture collection) is assessed on an individual basis, depending on the provided project.

• The first step in crafting product visualizations is the meticulous creation of a 3D model. We base this model on materials provided by the client, ensuring it encompasses all the necessary details for evaluating its alignment with the project and incorporating any necessary adjustments.

• Once we have the 3D model in place, we commence the search for the best angles to showcase the product. Collaboration with our clients during this phase allows us to choose the appropriate shots, serving as the basis for creating photorealistic product visualizations. We present these selected frames in a mockup format, allowing for a composition assessment without extraneous details.

• Upon approval of the chosen frames, we embark on the creation of the actual product visualizations. This represents the most creative and engaging phase of the entire process, where we generate high-quality visual results. We construct realistic materials and textures, explore various lighting scenarios, and seek the perfect conditions to showcase your project.

• Striving for the best outcomes and the satisfaction of our clients, we collaboratively identify necessary changes and refinements. In the base package, we include two rounds of adjustments to ensure the final visualizations meet your expectations.

• All product visualizations and furniture renderings are prepared at a resolution of 6000 pixels on the longer side of the visualization. This level of quality ensures sharp detail retention even when zoomed in.

This resolution is suitable for various marketing materials such as websites, brochures, posters, and even billboards.

• Upon request, we can create visualizations at a higher resolution to maintain intricate details for close-up examination or large-format prints.

• The maximum achievable resolution is determined on a per-project basis and can influence the final cost of the product visualizations.

• Before commencing work, we need to receive a complete set of materials necessary for crafting photorealistic product visualizations.

• In collaboration with our clients, we often utilize pre-existing 3D models. File formats we can work with include .fbx, .obj, or .skp.

• In cases where a 3D model of the product doesn’t already exist, we can build one from scratch using “flat” design documentation. Drawings can be provided in .dwg or .pdf formats.

• To achieve a photorealistic outcome in our work, it is essential to specify all materials and colors present in the project. For instance, the types and textures of fabrics in the case of furniture.

opinie naszych klientów

Outrun’s visualizations transport more than just the geometry and appearance of a building within an urban context. Our office places a high value on the atmosphere and poetic quality of these illustrations, which ultimately contribute to the broad acceptance of our projects by both investors and de
Adam Szablowski
AS Architekten
Outstanding partnership. Outrun Studio consistently delivers excellent photorealistic visualizations, demonstrating a strong sense of composition and a profound grasp of the project’s objectives. The visual materials produced by Outrun Studio consistently maintain the highest quality standards.
Justyna Biłat
Design Anatomy
Our collaboration is consistently successful. The visualizations of residential projects developed for Develia’s real estate investments are distinguished by their original style and demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency.
Maciej Gurgul
While visualizing our investments, we promise clients credibility by meticulously attending to details. Projects with Outrun-studio align perfectly with our vision and capture the essence of our investments.
Norbert Miętki
Invest Komfort
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