Interior Visualizations

Interior visualizations represent a contemporary alternative to traditional photography, offering a photorealistic experience that allows for a comprehensive exploration of all interior design elements, from finishing materials and furniture to lighting and color schemes. As a result, interior visualizations find broad applications not only in conceptualizing design projects but also in promoting planned investments.

Unlock Your Project’s Potential

The initial impression on a client can significantly impact the entire project. Photorealistic interior visualizations serve as an ideal tool to present the design in a impressive manner, allowing you to showcase your project effectively.

Photorealistic architectural visualizations are an indispensable component of every marketing campaign, offering a multitude of advantages:


Realistic Representation

Interior visualizations, including apartment and office space visualizations, excel in their photorealistic nature. We prioritize the faithful replication of materials, capturing their physical characteristics, textures, and colors. Skillful use of lighting further enhances the ambiance of the space and evokes a positive response from the viewer.

Emphasis on Key Project Aspects

Our personalized approach to each project enables a thorough understanding and highlights its core strengths. Custom material combinations, furniture selection, and well-designed lighting can be showcased through a well-prepared interior visualization.

Versatile Application

Photorealistic interior visualizations find a wide range of uses. We provide services for both design firms seeking to refine project aspects and individual clients. Our interior visualizations are employed in advertising campaigns, promotional brochures, and websites that demand an exceptional level of presentation.

Opportunity to Validate Design Choices

An immensely valuable aspect of interior visualizations is the capability to test envisioned solutions, making necessary adjustments to selected project elements readily apparent. This facilitates modifications before execution, significantly impacting the final project quality.
wizualizacja closeup na lampę zewnętrzną i wnętrze w tle
Interior visualizations are just one component of marketing – Are you in search of more comprehensive services? Explore our architectural visualizations, animations and 360° panoramic visualizations.
klimatyczna wizualizacja restauracji w Sopocie pokazująca drewniane stoliki

What goes beyond interior visualization?

While photorealistic interior visualizations offer numerous possibilities, a comprehensive marketing campaign may require other solutions.

We offer a range of services to effectively capture customer attention, including 360° panoramic visualizations for interactive exploration of interior spaces, interior and architectural animations, static visualizations of buildings and housing complexes, as well as virtual tours. Our offerings provide ample flexibility to tailor marketing campaigns to individual needs.

ujecie na basen i sypialnię w nowoczesnym wnętrzu domu jednorodzinnego

Not Just for Designers and Developers.

Interior visualizations are not only useful for finding the best design solutions but also for individual clients looking to create their ideal living space. These visualizations offer the opportunity to present the vision and final outcome of a concept in a realistic and detailed manner. Through our artistic approach to composition, lighting, and realistic material representation, our visualizations are certain to leave a lasting impression on the viewer and aid in bringing the design vision to life.


• The process of preparing interior visualizations, house visualizations, and apartment visualizations begins with constructing a detailed 3D model.

The interior model is created based on materials provided by the client and encompasses all essential project elements such as walls, structural components, freestanding furniture, and built-in fixtures.

• We utilize the previously crafted 3D interior model to identify the most appealing frames. All shots are consulted with our clients, and upon their final approval, they serve as the foundation for creating the interior visualizations. We present all shots in a mock-up form, without applying textures and materials, allowing us to focus particularly on proper frame composition.

• The next step after the ultimate acceptance of the shots involves crafting the initial version of the interior visualization or apartment visualization. This stage is pivotal for the final visualization delivery, as it is during this phase that we meticulously realize the project’s vision. We construct photorealistic materials that reflect all physical attributes of objects, including their colors and textures. We explore the most advantageous lighting options that build the ambiance of the interior visualization and create a captivating impression.

• Upon completion of the work on the initial version of the interior visualizations, we engage in consultations with the clients, determining all necessary changes and adjustments to achieve interior visualizations that meet all expectations.

• To ensure a stunning final effect of our work, our standard interior visualization package includes the provision for two rounds of revisions. This allows our clients the space for their creative input and the opportunity to incorporate all required amendments into the interior visualizations.

• Creating interior visualizations demands significant effort, time, technical skills, and artistic abilities. Balancing all these aspects is crucial to ensuring high-quality visualizations.

Despite the demanding nature, our experience allows us to meet even tight deadlines effectively.

• The time required for producing a basic visualization of a single room is approximately 2-3 business days.

• More complex projects like restaurant visualizations, hotel visualizations, or office space visualizations entail a longer turnaround time, around 3-5 business days.

• Sets of interior visualizations encompassing multiple rooms or various close-up shots of individual elements are always assessed on an individual basis, guided by the project’s specifics.

• All interior visualizations, apartment visualizations, and office space visualizations are created at a resolution of 6000 pixels on the longer side. This substantial size ensures the sharpness of all details even under multiple levels of zoom.

This resolution offers extensive usability for interior visualizations, such as on websites, printed brochures, flyers, posters, and even advertising billboards.

• It’s also possible to produce interior visualizations at an even higher resolution upon specific client request. In such cases, the visualizations will be appropriately prepared for large-format prints intended for viewing up close.

• We approach each visualization individually, so the achievable resolution may vary with each project and will be determined during consultations.

• The choice of interior visualization resolution can impact the final cost estimation and the project timeline.

• Prior to commencing work, it is essential for us to receive all the necessary materials.

• Collaboration with interior design firms often revolves around a model from the popular software SketchUp. We can work with the native .skp format or files exported in .fbx or .obj formats.

• If a 3D model is not available, we can create one from scratch in-house. In such cases, we require a floor plan of the room, including all furniture placements, wall layouts, and detailed drawings showcasing all designed elements.

• Additionally, it’s crucial to define any significant project elements not directly represented in the SketchUp model. This includes names and manufacturers of used furniture, material specifications like tiles, carpets, stone coverings, etc.

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Outstanding partnership. Outrun Studio consistently delivers excellent photorealistic visualizations, demonstrating a strong sense of composition and a profound grasp of the project’s objectives. The visual materials produced by Outrun Studio consistently maintain the highest quality standards.
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While visualizing our investments, we promise clients credibility by meticulously attending to details. Projects with Outrun-studio align perfectly with our vision and capture the essence of our investments.
Norbert Miętki
Invest Komfort
Our collaboration is consistently successful. The visualizations of residential projects developed for Develia’s real estate investments are distinguished by their original style and demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency.
Maciej Gurgul
Outrun’s visualizations transport more than just the geometry and appearance of a building within an urban context. Our office places a high value on the atmosphere and poetic quality of these illustrations, which ultimately contribute to the broad acceptance of our projects by both investors and de
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AS Architekten
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